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"Life is a journey that must be traveled no matter how bad the roads and accommodations"

Oliver Goldsmith


I love challenging myself physically, intellectually, and mentally. Through practicing yoga, reading books, and pushing myself to step out of my comfort zone, I can really feel alive and grow as a person. 

Being on a mat, practice, concentrate and defy yesterday's limit is the fun in my practice. That is how I design my journey and my classes. 


Traveling and exploring new places was my dream, is part of my job, and is the core of my self-reflection journey. I love traveling to new places, enjoy the adventure of getting lost or walking too far into somewhere I did not intend to, and looking back to reflect on life and how I actually get there.

Being an introvert, solo travel is my precious time to really be with myself and write. However, at times, it is good to create some stock and share. This is my space to do so.

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