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Anything Goes (2022 UK Tour): oldie but goodie

As much of a fan of musicals and jazz music that I am, I must admit that I have never really looked into Anything Goes before the day I actually get a chance to see this legendary musical. However, this was not the first time that I have heard the songs from this musical. I have been obsessed that the jazz albums from Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett that feature songs from the musical namely Anything Goes, You’re the Top, and I Got a Kick out of You. Plus, I have also always loved the song All through the Night by Ella Fitzgerald – not knowing that it’s from the same musical!

Before going to the show, I have looked through the musical a bit and found that Sutton Foster, one of my favorite voices on Broadway, was headlining the show once. Now, the show that I was about to see was led by Kerry Ellis, which I have heard of for a while, but didn’t have a chance to see her performed much – at least on Youtube. However, knowing the it’s led by a great actress, I was quite looking forward to seeing the show even more.

Arriving at the theatre, the hall was filled with audience of a much older generation than I used to see in London. This could have led me to think that I was in a wrong hall has there not be a big screen showing the name of the show.

After watching the show, my first impression was “WOW!”. The stage and production were great blend of modern technique and the more classic design of the 1930-40’s era. The tap dance numbers in Anything Goes and the choreography of Blow Gabriel Blow were spectacular. I’m super surprised that no one appears to be out of breath after those numbers.

Kerry Ellis was such a great actress. She was super funny in her role as Reno. Imagine you are a performing a role of a performer on stage – it requires 2x energy of a typical performer, and she delivered. The dance number during Anything Goes, which last for forever and Reno is the center of attention the whole time. The big belt at both Anything Goes and Blow Gabriel Blow are also so on point that I was a bit sorry her vocal cord – not her belting is not healthy but it was being exhausted so much!

Samuel Edwards, who played Billy, has such a great voice. I’m in love with how natural and effortless throughout the show. Denis Lawson as Moonface stole the show every time he appears on stage – I guess there is just a natural stardom in him. His number with Reno is super funny that I could not stop laughing from beginning to the end.

Anything Goes is a prime example of oldie but goodie. I hope this will get revived with another group of great cast again!

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