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Depression Diary: New Dosage - New Experience

Dear diary

It’s the second day of taking new medication and new dosage. At first, I thought the medication will not be that useful; however, it is very effective, and the timing of medication is right as well… though it also comes with drawbacks…

I’m now on 2 tablets of Zoloft, 1 tablet of Xanax in the morning. It really made me super drowsy in the morning and throughout the day. However, I’m still pretty much functioning. The calming effect of Xanax really helped me being able to focus and work.

The one that is almost my savior is Seroquel, which is very calming and helps me with my frequent night-time anxiety. I have never thought anything would help me much at first because Xanax was not very helpful to me at times. However, today, after coming back from dinner, I started to have a sign of anxiety coming up. Right then, it was also time for me to take Seroquel. Within 10-15 mins, the anxiety was suppressed.

I, by no means, want to be reliant on the drugs. However, I also want to make sure that I can live a normal life at least until all these psychotherapies is over and I am fully healed mentally.

Still – wishing for brighter days to come…

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