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Depression Diary: The Ups and the Downs

Dear Diary

The situation was escalated because of the person’s report to my psychologist. Now, I need to book another session with my psychiatrist, with potential to increase my dosage of the medication. I do not want to increase the dosage of Zoloft at all. It makes me feel so vulnerable and weak against this condition that I am in.

We had a conversation the other day and I have found that the person is not very comfortable with me being vulnerable and depressed. Today, during the hike, I was trying to be separated from the group and be a bit more isolated from the group and the person. I know for the fact that the moment the person tried to run away, I’m even more affected by the circumstances. Therefore, it is best for me to just fake it and suppress the feeling.

I’m on my second Xanax now… Hopefully, my night will be okay today.

Hoping for a better tomorrow my dear diary

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