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Depression Diary: The start of something new

Dear Diary

It’s finally time for my solo travel. The morning was very hectic with me trying to move out of my current apartment (only to come back again later in the month), and catching my flight. I think my anxiety was about to kick in a bit when I realized that my check-in was only until 9.50 am and I was still at the back of the line. I tried schmoozing my way through and it worked. However, my flight still ended up being delayed because the check-in line was way too long and people couldn’t get on board in time.

Finding my accommodation in Malta was a bit of a struggle in the sense that there were two places with the same name in the same city. I finally managed to get to the right place and my landlord was super lovely. I recently just picked up watercolor painting and my host turned out to study art for a while – what a coincidence!

The afternoon was spent exploring the city, and of course, the biggest mall in Malta – just to cover all the bases as a mall person. I bought all my essentials, which include a bottle of shower cream, a bottle of shampoo, a bottle of sunscreen, some plastic cups for painting, and, of course, a bottle of local wine.

I want to be discipline with improving my painting skill, so I ended up spending time of my late afternoon painting something similar to Monet’s water lily garden. It turned out to be okay, but not excellent… well, I guess everything will need time to improve I guess.

Surprisingly, no major anxiety kicking in today, it probably is a good sign as a person traveling solo. I messaged a few people, who have not responded yet, but I guess I learned to live with it. I do hope that those who can’t deal with me at this stage will be able to accept me soon… after all, at the time of needs, I will need them the most.

Anyhow, I’m excited to explore the city and the ruins tomorrow. Hopefully, I can click some good photos. Wish me luck!

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