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One hectic day...

Today was the day that I hoped for the worst. There was a Digital Marketing Workshop from a big tech firm at the same time as my yoga class. There was a party at the same time as my dinner, and let’s face it, I’m never going to be one of those popular people that anyone would skip a party for. Lastly, there is also a consulting trek at the same day of both my yoga class and the dinner.

Three lessons that I have learned from this day were:

1. Hope for the best and prepare for the worst

I was expecting that there will be no student joining my class today. I have long heard that my class is too advanced for the beginner. I have also seen a lot of messages on telegram chat that he or she cannot make it. However, I managed to see a lot of people at my class today. It was a pleasant surprised actually. I was planning for a dramatic post about coping with failures, but I just have nothing to say about it.

2. It is not about you, but sometimes, it is about your circumstances

Coming to INSEAD, I have learned to expect lateness and no shows. I have also learned that, at some point, people can be flakey and will never show up. Being a J (MBTI) make it very hard to plan social life at business schools, because people will overcommit and will show up at some other parties but yours, and it is very frustrating for you to plan. However, at some points, I just learn to expect such circumstances, and though I will never be completely okay with it, I have learned to live with it.

3. Forgiving once is wise, forgiving twice is folly, forgiving thrice is foolishness

In my attempt to be, at lease once popular, I have tendency to wish and hope for the best of people. Apparently, in the process, I have been forgiving to people way too often. I have invited people who does not care about my invitation way too many times. As many wisers would say that forgiving and failing once is wise - so you learned who you should not invite any longer. Failing twice may be okay at times because you are now more aware and, in some small cases, you have given opportunity to those who have valid reasons. However, forgiving thrice may be foolish, because the third no show is pretty much an indication of those who does not care for you anymore.

Acting on the third point may mean that you narrow down your group of friends, but it is probably the time to show your commitment to yourself. It is time for your to care for yourself, and no other. And, I hope, it is the time that you care about yourself and your selfworth, than about others.

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